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All but Apatite, Pink Tourmaline- 1 oz. Packages

                stones medium
approx. 5-7mm,
125-300 pcs/ounce
approx. 7-15mm,
35-80 pcs/ounce

Please check our online store  HERE for availability

Stone Price Small Medium
AMAZONITE $2 small tumbled amazonite N/A
AMETHYST - light-medium $3 small tumbled light amethyst N/A
AMETHYST - medium-dark $4 small tumbled dark amethyst medium tumbled dark amethyst
AMETRINE $5 N/A medium
                tumbled ametrine
APACHE TEARS $2 small tumbled apache tears medium tumbled apache tears
APATITE - neon blue-green (½ oz) $10 small tumbled apatite medium tumbled apatite
AQUAMARINE $6 small tumbled aquamarine medium tumbled aquamarine
AVENTURINE $2 small tumbled aventurine medium tumbled aventurine
BLOODSTONE $2 small tumbled bloodstone N/A
BLUE LACE AGATE $2 small tumbled blue lace agate N/A
CARNELIAN $2 small
                tumbled carnelian medium tumbled carnelian
CITRINE $3 small tumbled citrine medium tumbled citrine
EMERALD $8 small tumbled emerald medium tumbled emerald
FLUORITE $2 small tumbled fluorite N/A
GARNET $2 small tumbled garnet medium tumbled garnet
GOLDSTONE $2 small tumbled
                goldstone N/A
IOLITE ("Water Sapphire") $5 small tumbled iolite N/A
JADE (Nephrite) $2 small tumbled jade N/A
LAPIS LAZULI $4 small tumbled lapis lazuli medium tumbled lapis lazuli
LEPIDOLITE $3 small tumbled lepidolite N/A
MOSS AGATE - green $2 small tumbled moss agate N/A
MOONSTONE $3 small tumbled moonstone N/A
OPAL - potch & colour $10 small tumbled opal medium tumbled opal
PAUA SHELL $4 small tumbled paua shell N/A
PERIDOT $6 small tumbled peridot N/A
RHODONITE $2 small tumbled rhodonite N/A
ROSE QUARTZ $2 small tumbled rose quartz medium tumbled rose quartz
RUBY (semi-polished) $8 small tumbled ruby N/A
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN $2 small tumbled snowflake obsidian N/A
SUNSTONE $4 small tumbled sunstone N/A
TIGEREYE - brown $2 small tumbled tigereye N/A
TOPAZ - Imperial $10 small tumbled imperial topaz medium tumbled imperial topaz
TOPAZ - blue $5 N/A medium
                tumbled blue topaz
TOURMALINE - multi $8 small tumbled tourmaline N/A
TOURMALINE - pink (½ oz) $10 small
                tumbled pink tourmaline medium
                tumbled pink tourmaline
TURQUOISE $8 small tumbled turquoise N/A

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gem tree wire
          20 gauge gold colorgem tree wire 28
          gauge silver color
Gold or Silver Color

15 yd. Spool - 20 gauge: $6.00
30 yd. Spool - 24 gauge: $6.00
40 yd. Spool - 28 gauge: $6.00

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50 per Package

                Leaves - Nickel Plated - Small Twin
                Leaves - Gold Plated - Medium
13 mm long
22 mm long

Description Price Metal Small Medium
TWIN LEAVES - 50 pieces $3.50 Gold Plated Twin Leaves -
                Gold Plated - Small  
TWIN LEAVES - 50 pieces $3.50 Nickel Plated Twin Leaves -
                Nickel Plated - Small  
TWIN LEAVES - 50 pieces $4.00 Gold Plated   Twin Leaves -
                Gold Plated - Medium
TWIN LEAVES - 50 pieces $4.00 Silver Plated   Twin Leaves -
                Silver Plated - Medium

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Wire Tree Sculpture by Bobbie Pearson

This book is out-of-print and it is unlikely that we will get any more in stock.

Wire Tree
                Sculpture (gem tree instruction book)
8½ x 11 paperback, 46 pgs: $9.95

In describing her book, the author writes:
This book takes the techniques of wire tree making into the dimensions of fine art. The trees presented here are realistic and sophisticated. Included are the American Elm, Maple, Windswept, classic Bonsai trees and others.

The patterns are written in a new, concise, quick-to-read format. There are numerous photographs and illustrations to help simplify learning.

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You may purchase our gem tree supplies online now using our new secure Shopping Cart!
Sizes and weights are approximate and subject to prior sale.
Quantities are limited.
Prices are subject to change without notice due to changing market conditions.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

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