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Powered by KSearch 1.5b
Powered by KSearch Engine 1.5b

General Search Tips

Advanced Search Tips for KSearch 1.5b

Adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings. For example: 'test*' will match 'tests' 'tested' 'testing' etc.
Stop-terms are included in wildcard searches.

For example:

The query above will weight scores 100 and 500 times greater for documents containing 'term' and 'a phrase', respectively.
The scores for documents containing only 'none' will remain unchanged. The weight must be in the range of 2-10000.
Add + (inclusion) in front of weights. The results will be sorted by weighted scores.

c:   for a case sensitive search.
w:   to match whole words only.
st:   to include stop-terms.
all:   to add + in front of all terms/phrases.
match: score: date: size: title:   or   name:   for the sorting choice.
5-100:   for the number of results to display per page.
b:   to search the body (full text) of documents.
t:   to search the title of documents.
u:   to search the url of documents.
alt:   to search the alternate text in documents.
l:   to search the links in documents.
d:   to search the meta-description in documents.
k"   to search the meta-keywords in documents.
au:   to search the meta-author in documents.

For example:

The query above will perform a case sensitive search for 'term' and 'a phrase' in the body, title, and
meta-description of documents. 15 results will be displayed per page and the results will be sorted by file size.

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